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16. 5. 2008

We have 3 clay tennis courts which are in use during the tennis season commencing typically on May 1st and lasting till mid October. There is a mini-tennis clay court for the youngest players and a practice concrete wall on the clay surface for 2 players.

Courts are available both the Club members and to the public for hire. The fees, terms&conditions are specified under MEMBERSHIP FEES, TERMS&CONDITIONS part.

Our facilities are complete with the locker shack available to all players and the clubhouse open on accasions and during the club events.

There is a courtesy parking lot at the entrance aŕea capable to accomodate up to 5 cars ( if they are not all SUVs and the drivers are smart enough when pulling over :)


practice wall for 2 players


from left: clubhouse, locker shack




However well (or badly) you play tennis and whatever your age, you will always find a warm welcome at our club. There is no playing-in standard, age limits, etc., so players can enjoy the game using our facilities upon meeting the terms&conditions, wearing a suitable dress including tennis sole sneakers. The players need to set-up the court before they start playing which usually means irrigation by spraying the court´s clay dust surface using the hose stored at the adjacent maintenance tools tin-shack (this will most likely not be applicaple after raining), winding up the net and refreshing the lines with the line marker. After the game the players are expected to tidy up the court, i.e. removing and storing the net, smoothing the surface with a lute-scarifier and then sweeping the courts with Aussie Clean Sweep. If no other players remain at the courts it is a must to secure storing and locking up any equipment left outside (Aussie Clean Sweeps, drag brushes, lute-scarifiers, hose set) as well as locking the tool tin shack, locker shack and main entry and all 2 other gates providing access to the courts.

Rule of safety is to be observed for any crossing the courts with the players on. Crossing the courts is to be made always cautiously, during pause between exchanges of the playing parties and along the net so that the players playing on the court could see those crossing. No cheers can be expected from the players playing on court if anyone crosses along the fences thus behind their backs and more: if executed during an exchange.

It is always essential to wait for a completion of an exchange whenever the ball gets to a neghboring court. However, should the ball end up right behind a player without his being aware of the fact it is highly recommended to alert such a player immediately as his stepping the ball unexpectedly can bring a bad aching ankle injury experience to such a player