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15. 5. 2008

1. Membership annual fees "AF" of the TJ Aero (local branch of national spors and games association) and the Club re-newal annual fees "CF" :

  • men         AF      CZK 100   +   CF         CZK 600
  • women    AF      CZK 100   +   CF         CZK 400
  • others : juniors, children, seniors and students  AF  CZK 60 +  CF  CZK 240


 2. Men and male juniors will have to deposit CZK 1000 for 10 hours of pre-season set-up and maintenance works on the tennis facilities. CZK 100 shall be redeemed for every hour worked off. 


3. Locker holders are subject to CZK 50 annual fee for the season of May 1st, 2008 till April 30th, 2009


4. Conditions set under paragraphs no. 1.-3. are to be met on or before April 30th, 2008, and their fulfilment is required for playing on the courts of the Club in the season commencing from May 1st, 2008.

5. New Club members entry fees :

  • men       CZK   900
  • women  CZK     500


6. Non-members can hire or play at the court with a Club member(s) at the rate based as CZK 100 / hour / court, excluding the time required for court set up and its recovery after the play. The hire fees can by paid to any present Committee Member. 


7. The fees are collected by Mr.J.Kapral, the Fincial Administrator and Committee Member, who will issue to every Club member an annual pass authorizing to play on the courts of the Club in the season commencing on May 1st, 2008.upon  fulfilment of the required terms and conditions.


8. All members will have to carry and present their passes described under paragraph no.7 to any Committee Member upon his/her request.


9. Notes regarding the pre-season set-up and maintenance works will be posted on notice boards at the courts.


Odolena Voda, posted on February 5th, 2008

Tennis Club Committee of the TJ Aero